Song of the Month: “Give Me To The Waves”

And for the month of July, I present to you General Ghost:




National lighthouse day!

So, this is one of those posts that I wrote and then accidentally left in my drafts way too long… so I apologize for it’s lateness.

I didn’t even realize it, but Thursday, August 7th was national lighthouse day! I love lighthouses. I’ve always been attracted to the coast and everything associated with it: the sound of the ocean, the salty air, seashells, sunshine, and, of course, lighthouses. I’m particularly fond of the 7 light houses that dot the outerbanks of my home state, North Carolina, but really I think that all lighthouses are magnificent, elegant, and inspiring works of architecture.

In honor of lighthouse day, I’m sharing these beautiful lighthouse pictures from Bored Panda.


This is just a preview! Go here for all the fantastic photos I was too lazy to individually upload hahaha:

Also, you should know that this lighthouse obsession is not a new thing.  When I was little I always dreamed of growing up and living in a lighthouse.  I admit, even now the idea is appealing, although I realize that people don’t really live in lighthouses much anymore and even if they did, I wouldn’t be the most qualified lighthouse keeper.  Even so, I hope one day to be able to climb all of the lighthouses in my state, and as many others as I can.  Every time I reach the top of a lighthouse, I promise I’ll post a picture!