Song of the Month: Fatou Yo

Yes, I know.  19 days late.

But better late than never!

This is a song I’m using in my Rondo lessons with my students this year.  I got it from the album “World Playground: A Musical Adventure For Kids.”  The artist is Touré Kunda.  It’s in Mandingo, a language from the small African country of Senegal.  I posted the lyrics and an English translation below the video.

Fatou Yo

I hope you enjoy!  I’m working on a post about my first quarter teaching, so stay tuned for that!




Song of the Month: “Give Me To The Waves”

And for the month of July, I present to you General Ghost:




Song of the Month: “All That I Am”

June has been rainy around here, so I thought I’d post one of my favorite rainy-day songs as the song of the month.  Enjoy!


Song of the Month: Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?

Since this is the month of May, and it is the month that Alex (my fiancé) was born in, I let him choose the quote of the month and the song of the month.  Enjoy!