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January 14, 2014

“irreversible damage”

he was damaged. irreversibly damaged.
he couldn’t go back
he couldn’t return
to search for his missing pieces.
but not destroyed,
he had to stumble on forward.
nothing could be reversed,
but perhaps repaired.
irreversibly damaged,
hopelessly broken?



This is a piece of a story. Like a snapshot, really.  Just a page of someone’s life.

It doesn’t have an introduction, and it doesn’t have a conclusion either.  Don’t ask me about them, because I don’t have them.

I spent a lot of time thinking about Spencer and Bess and how I could try to resolve their problems.  But nothing came of it.  Just this.  At first I was a little upset about it, but now I’ve come to terms with it.  Sometimes things aren’t meant to become anything more than what they are.

I’ve decided to call this little snapshot “Without.”  Enjoy!


Spencer stared blankly at the television. Something terrible was happening on the news; buildings burned, smoke billowed, people ran… but was it really all that terrible? After all, this was the news every evening now. And compared with what it felt like to have your own door slammed in your face, an explosion was trivial. Nothing felt quite like being shut into your apartment, trapped behind glass and screen and words of iron, and watching that grey and black plaid trench coat walk away with those tangled burgundy curls.

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