The best stories are the ones we live.

This post is long overdue.  About a month and a week overdue, actually.  I always believe it’s better to do things late than to never do them at all, though, so that’s why I’m posting today about a very important event that happened 38 days ago.

I got engaged!  😀

The ring.  :)

The ring. 🙂

Yes, it’s true!  His name is Alex, we have been dating since May, and I can’t imagine being any happier or more excited for the future than I am right now.  It’s been difficult for me to even write this post, because I keep thinking, “no, this story is way too good, it can’t be real life.”

It is real life, though.  New Year’s Eve, Alex and I went to the First Night Raleigh celebration to see the sights and watch the oh-so-famous Acorn Drop at midnight. Earlier that day I had given Alex my ring size, because we had already discussed things and were planning on getting married.  I assumed that he would take a few weeks to find the ring and then propose to me on some special date, or maybe wait until Valentine’s Day.  I was mistaken!

After the Acorn dropped and the fireworks started and we gave each other a kiss, Alex put his hands on my shoulders.

“Tori,” he said over the din, “it’s a new year, and I have a question for you.”

I saw the sparkle in his eyes and if it had not been the same day I had given him my ring size, I would have known right then what was going on.  However, I was certain he had no ring, so I was confused.  What could he be asking me?  My mind searched in vain for what he could be talking about…

But he did have the ring.  He unzipped the front pocket of his jacket and pulled out the little box, and I stepped away and covered my mouth with my hands in shock as he got down on one knee.  I was so completely overwhelmed with joy and excitement I barely even let him ask the question before I was saying yes and getting down on my knees in front of him and laughing and possibly crying a little too (there’s not much I hate more than crying in public, but this was kind of a special occasion).

Apparently, he and his older sister and her fiancé had gone ring shopping that day in order to take advantage of some Christmas sales, and he had kept the ring in his pocket the entire time we were at First Night!  I still find this remarkable, because I mentioned our impending engagement multiple times and he didn’t give away anything, and not only that, I had played with that very same zipper pocket while we were standing in the institute building before going downtown.

“What do you even keep in here?”  I giggled, zipping and unzipping the pocket.  Apparently Alex was silently having a panic attack at the time, but I didn’t suspect anything at all.

“A pen,” he replied, reaching in and pulling out a pen to hand to me.  I inspected it and handed it back.  I had no idea what was sharing pocket space with that pen!  I am amazed with how well Alex kept calm.  I am typically very perceptive, and he’s always had a difficult time surprising me, but I can honestly say I have never been as surprised as I was that night when he pulled that box out of his pocket.

So, the rest is history.  We told our family and friends, we’re currently in the process of planning the wedding (August 1st is our date!), and I’m possibly the happiest girl alive (such a corny thing to say, but… it’s possible!).  I’m pretty sure that everyone who actually reads this blog knows me and so already knew about this event, but I felt like I couldn’t really call this my blog if I didn’t make some kind of post about the most important thing that’s happened to me in my whole life.  So many things are going to be happening in this coming year, and I’m glad I have small blue thing to help me keep track of them!  I love to read and write fiction and poetry, but the truth remains that the best stories we’ll ever tell are the ones we live.

I love you all and wish you a fantastic February!



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