BLOG SWAP! Feat. my sister Erin!

Hello and welcome to the first edition of BLOG SWAP!

I’m about to get married this Saturday (!!!!!) so I don’t have much time to post, BUT I had this idea forever ago and finally Erin and I have executed it so I didn’t want to have to wait a moment longer!

My younger sister enjoys writing and making beautiful (and sometimes quite intense…) illustrations.  I highly encourage you to check out her stuff at her blog, Darkness That Shines.

I wrote a post for her blog (this is a SWAP, after all!) and you can read it there.  Without further ado, here is my little sister’s little treat for you!

My sister thought maybe she’d post something on my blog to show the things that she likes to post, and I’d post something on her blog in exchange, so maybe a few followers would cross over.

Even if I only have like, 3 followers.


So I drew this picture, it took me 3+ hours, and it’s of a character of mine named Smiley.



She’s not completely human, she’s more like some sort of demon or spirit, and her real name isn’t actually Smiley, it’s just a nickname. Her brother’s nickname is Frowny, who obviously wears a frowny mask, and he can’t speak, but he can make noises such as laughing and screaming and such.

They’re twins, go everywhere together, are inseparable, and if they could choose from saving the world or saving their sibling, they will choose to save the sibling, every time. They cannot live without each other.

They are only about 5′ tall, and always wear black. You cannot take their masks off, only they can take off each others or their own. They’re sort of urban legends, and no one is positive they’re real or not. They love to steal things, especially shiny things, and are extremely stubborn. They rarely kill, but if you bother them enough they will, and they definitely can; they can “summon” pinkish-red ribbons of any thickness, and they can make them float around and stuff like tentacles and strangle people and tie them up and such. Their ribbons don’t stay, though, they sort of have a time limit, so after a day the ribbons will be gone, so theres no trace they were ever there at all.

Smiley is usually the one that kills people, and she of course does all the talking. She somehow always knows what her brother wants to say, so she’ll always speak for him. She’s extremely sassy and has a fiery temper, so you don’t want to get on her bad side. Her mask distorts her real voice, so she doesn’t sound like a female or a male, and people tend to think of her as a guy. She likes it that way, though, because she feels like no one will take her seriously if they know she’s a girl.

I might write a story about them, and I might post it on here, but I’m not sure how it’s going to go plot wise and stuff.

Let me know if you like it! I drew it with my new drawing tablet which I’m still getting used to, so constructive critisism and advice is highly welcome and recommended!


If you would like to give Erin any feedback feel free to comment below!  Also feel free to comment on her blog and follow her as well!  She is just bursting with talent and always amazes me with her boundless creativity, and I’m glad I got to share one of her creations with you.



PS:  Let’s do this again!  If you have a blog and would like to trade posts with me sometime, send me an e-mail at!  Or comment below.  Later!  🙂


Describe in a Paragraph #5: Two Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Is an introduction necessary at this point?  You guys know what’s going on.  I trust you.

Out of the brush stepped two birds, although they only qualified as birds because they could not fit in any other category.  Their heads were leathery and almost reptilian, with small, almond-shaped eyes the color of garnets.  Each of the strange fowls had a beak of a dark sea-green color on the front of their heads, and a patch of short, fuzzy black feathers on the back, like a bad toupee.  Their necks were thin at the top, perfectly fitting for their tiny skulls, but as they traveled down they suddenly bulged out into a large, melon-shaped body.  The feathers on the rotund mid-section were bright blue and white vertical stripes, until you came towards the tail feathers, which were black with white speckles.  Where the wings began was impossible to tell, as they lay perfectly flush with the rest of the body and blended in with the dizzying colors.  They were Vulturine Guinea Fowls, and to this day I can’t decide if I think they’re ugly or not.

"What are you looking at?"


My apologies for being MIA recently.  I’m going to get back on the ball here pretty soon; I have a couple more drafts I plan to publish in a week or so.  ¡Hasta luego!


Describe in a Paragraph #4: Red leaves on snow

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I really created a post of my own, hasn’t it?  I thought maybe the re-blogs would help reassure everyone that I was still posting without me having to actually go through the process of writing a post… lazy, I know, but what can I say?  School has been crazy.

But now I’m on Spring Break, and for once I actually don’t have to go on some field trip or anything.  So, plenty of time to practice, read The Book Thief (I’m definitely writing a post about that book when I finish it!), write various things, and get ahead on homework (I know, I know, I’m that student, but in my defense, I know I’m going to be missing a lot of school later on for various events, and so I’m just trying to get ahead now so that when I get behind later I won’t perish).

So, here is the 4th installation of my Description series.  Definitely the series I have been able to keep up with the best.  I’m not sure if I like this description or not, but I have been keeping it in the drafts for too long, and it’s time to just let go.  If it’s corny, I apologize.  Sometimes you just have to throw stuff out there until you finally dig up the good stuff.

Without further ado (I know, I talk a lot), here is the picture:

"When the Leaves" by Ingrid Michaelson

I’m giving you the picture first this time. Just to shake things up.

The tempermental trees shed crimson red tears of defiance as Mother Nature tucks their roots under a soft white blanket of snow.  “We don’t want to go to sleep.  We want fall to last longer.  We want to wear our colors forever!”

“Nothing lasts forever, trees.  Now go to sleep, and when you wake up, you’ll have sweet fragrant flowers to wear.”

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Describe in a Paragraph #3: The Fierce Tree

I was sitting on an ordinary rock by an ordinary lake.

Of course, it was a beautiful lake, but most lakes are beautiful, aren’t they?  The trees reflected on the glassy water, and I was contemplating the over-powering greenness of the scenery, when something strange caught my eye.

It was a tree. Continue reading