Describe in a Paragraph #5: Two Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Is an introduction necessary at this point?  You guys know what’s going on.  I trust you.

Out of the brush stepped two birds, although they only qualified as birds because they could not fit in any other category.  Their heads were leathery and almost reptilian, with small, almond-shaped eyes the color of garnets.  Each of the strange fowls had a beak of a dark sea-green color on the front of their heads, and a patch of short, fuzzy black feathers on the back, like a bad toupee.  Their necks were thin at the top, perfectly fitting for their tiny skulls, but as they traveled down they suddenly bulged out into a large, melon-shaped body.  The feathers on the rotund mid-section were bright blue and white vertical stripes, until you came towards the tail feathers, which were black with white speckles.  Where the wings began was impossible to tell, as they lay perfectly flush with the rest of the body and blended in with the dizzying colors.  They were Vulturine Guinea Fowls, and to this day I can’t decide if I think they’re ugly or not.

"What are you looking at?"


My apologies for being MIA recently.  I’m going to get back on the ball here pretty soon; I have a couple more drafts I plan to publish in a week or so.  ¡Hasta luego!