Describe in a Paragraph #1: The Bridge

I know it’s been a while, school has been keeping me incredibly busy.  In spite of all that, I have managed to get some writing in, and lately I’ve been working on describing things with brevity and clarity, so I thought it’d be cool to collect some pictures and then try to describe them as best as I can within a paragraph.  This is the first picture I chose:

DIAP1And this is the paragraph:

Out of the pale mist rose a bridge.  It towered where it stood, still as stone and yet breathing, pulsing with life— it had to be, to stand so grandly, to span over such a vast and mysterious space.  No dead thing could traverse such a bottomless chasm.  The concrete pillars glowed warmly under a sky churned with hughes of burnt yellow and orange.  The five graceful arches held on to each other and frowned at any who dared challenge the bridge they supported.  The bridge in itself seemed a stoic, loyal friend— the type who doesn’t say much, but you know they would leap in front of a train for you, and could probably stop it simply with the strength of their will.  The tiny, timid little houses and trees on either side of that canyon have no reason to fear, not with their iron giant standing there, holding their corner of the world in order.  The clouds pass over and the mist floats under and the light falls upon the bridge, and the bridge holds it all together.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Comments?  Truthfulness as well as respect is appreciated 🙂