A Swan in a World of Peacocks

Yes, that’s right.  You,

You who thought you were an ugly duckling

In a world full of swans,

You were mistaken!


So many peacocks—

They shake their tail feathers and

Fluff their fuzzies and

Bat their eyelashes and

Strut their stuff in the streets,


Social networks…


But you, the swan

Glide effortlessly, pure and


No fancy colors needed, no extra work.

You are beautiful without even trying,

And nothing could upset those Peacocks more.

La Cygne


Torrence Nightingale


This post is specifically for all the single girls out there like me :)

Well, it happened.  January went and ended on us.  It feels like only yesterday I was posting Jewish New Years songs and getting ready to go back to school.  Now spring semester is in full swing and it’s hard to believe that today is February.

February.  It’s not a bad month.  The chill of winter starts to fade away (well, it does if you’re lucky enough to live in the South like I do ☺).  A good majority of my friends have their birthdays in February, and I love celebrating birthdays.  I’m a total birthday dork!  Just let me know when your birthday is coming up, I’ll definitely do a shout-out of some kind just for you.  Even if I don’t know you.  Because birthdays are special— you were given a life to live!  How exciting!  I’m happy for you just for that.  Also, if you’re having a birthday, you survived another year on the roller coaster of life.  Congratulations!  Happy Birthday.

Anyhow, I digress.  February.  February is full of birthdays for me, but it also contains that one over-commercialized and over-pinkified holiday:

Single Awareness Day (AKA St. Valentine’s Day).

Take your affectionate gift exchanges elsewhere, you non-single people out there— couples, or whatever you call yourselves— this post is not for you!  This is for all the single ladies (“aalll the single ladies…” come on.  You know you started singing it too).

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