Can’t find that one song?

Here’s a running list of the Songs of the Month that I post.  Each one is linked to a YouTube video in my small blue things playlist, so you can listen to them again and again!  Sometimes they have relevance to something I wrote, sometimes to the time of year, and sometimes, I just really like a song so I feel like sharing it.  If anyone has a favorite song that you’d like to see on small blue thing someday, please let me know!  I am always excited to discover new music.  🙂

  1. Small Blue Thing” by Suzanne Vega, the version from her 2010 album “Suzanne Vega Close-Up, Vol 1, Love Songs.”
  2. Winter Wonderland” by Jason Mraz, from the Christmas album “A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary.”
  3. My Love” by Sia, from “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”
  4. Dance in the Graveyards by Delta Rae from their album “Carry the Fire.”
  5. Lawdy by The Vespers from their album “The Fourth Wall.”
  6. The Phone Callby Alexandre Desplat from the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close soundtrack.
  7. Dig it by D-Tent Boyz from the movie Holes (one of my favorite movies, by the way).
  8. Little April Showerby a fantastic Disney chorus from the Bambi soundtrack.
  9. Cupsby Lulu & the Lampshades from their album “Cups.”
  10. Halo Theme by Lindsey Stirling.
  11. Forbidden Friendshipby John Powell from the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack.
  12. Wings by Birdy from her album “Fire Within.”
  13. Bird Song by Florence + The Machine from her album “Lungs.”
  14. Octobercomposed by Eric Whitacre.
  15. Little Numbers by BOY from their album “Mutual Friends.”
  16. something about december by Christina Perri from her album “A Very Perri Christmas.”
  17. December by Sara Bareilles from her album “The Blessed Unrest.”
  18. human by Christina Perri from her album “Head or Heart.”
  19. Falling Stars” digital EP by East Market Street.
  20. Agony by Chuck Wagner and Robert Westenberg from the musical Into the Woods.
  21. Let It Go (Disney’s Frozen) Vivaladi’s Winter by The Piano Guys.
  22. Elastic Heart by Sia (ft.The Weeknd & Diplo) from the album “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”
  23. Little Talkscover by Kurt Hugo Schneider from a CocaCola commercial.
  24. Appledore by David Arnold and Michael Price from the Sherlock: Season 3 soundtrack.
  25. Our July in the Rain (stripped) by He Is We from their album “Skip to the Good Part.”
  26. August’s Rhapsody in C Major” by Mark Mancina from the August Rush soundtrack
  27. Bird Song” by Rosie Doonan, single.
  28. Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight from their album “Civil Twilight.”
  29. Believe by Josh Groban from the soundtrack for The Polar Express.
  30. Gold by Imagine Dragons from their album “Smoke and Mirrors.”
  31. Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish from their album “The Best of Hootie and the Blowfish”.
  32. Across the Blue Ridge Mountains by Pepper Proud.
  33. Listen to the Man by George Ezra from his album “Wanted On Voyage.”
  34. Oh Where Is My Hairbrush? by Veggie Tales from “Silly Songs with Larry.”
  35. “All That I Am” by Rob Thomas from his album “Something to Be”
  36. “Give Me To The Waves” by General Ghost from their EP “Give Me To The Waves”
  37. “Fatou Yo” by Touré Kunda from the album “World Playground: A Musical Adventure for Kids.”

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