Describe in a Paragraph #3: The Fierce Tree

I was sitting on an ordinary rock by an ordinary lake.

Of course, it was a beautiful lake, but most lakes are beautiful, aren’t they?  The trees reflected on the glassy water, and I was contemplating the over-powering greenness of the scenery, when something strange caught my eye.

It was a tree.

But it couldn’t have been just a tree, or else it would have never caught my attention.  No; this particular tree was tiny, a midget of a thing compared to the towering forests around it.  And yet, of all the trees, this one small plant held me riveted– because it was growing in the middle of the lake.

Not straight up out of the water, of course.  The small tree was anchored to the top of a rock that jutted through the surface at something close to a forty-five degree angle.  Moss carpeted the top, and this tree, this courageous little specimen, had somehow found a way to dig it’s roots through that moss and into the rock and made a home for itself there.

A Shakespearean quote popped into my mind: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”  This tree, this inanimate plant, was one of the fiercest-looking lifeforms I had ever encountered.  I imagined what kind of journey could have even landed a tree there.  Perhaps a strong gust of wind had blown some wayward seed across the water and onto the top of that rock.  Or maybe it had been carried by some kind of bird.  But even then, there was a deeper kind of strength that must have kept the seed there.  How had it stayed firm when it rained?  How had it been able to hold on long enough to grow its roots?  The tree’s smallness wasn’t fragile at all, it was audacious, standing so bare and unprotected in the middle of the lake.  It’s branches stretched side-to-side, and it seemed to say, “Bring your worst!  Show me your fury, winds and rain and waves!  I am the bravest of the brave, the tree that grows where no others dare.  Nothing will ever move me unless I allow it to.”


I hope you liked this.  I realize that my definition of “paragraph” is  pretty loose… hopefully no one is offended by that.  And if you are… I’m sorry, not for writing the extra paragraphs, but because you are easily offended, and I bet that must make life very stressful for you.

Have a lovely week everyone!  Keep the faith.  🙂

}I{ Torrence

PS:  I was super proud of that butterfly icon, even though I’m positive someone else came up with it first.  That’s ok.  It still makes me happy haha.


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