It’s my favorite month!

Some things to look forward to this July (unless I procrastinate too much and nothing happens…):

  • Un poste muy tarde sobre mi viaje a Costa Rica.  En Mayo.  Lo siento.  Soy perezosa.  (A very late post about my trip to Costa Rica.  In May.  Sorry.  I’m lazy.)
  • An old journal entry!  Yes.  I remember that I started that.  It still exists.
  • “…You just gestured to all of me.” — One of my favorite movies, why it’s one of my favorites, and why you should even care.

I’m not going to make any more promises just yet, because I have a bad habit of setting impossible goals for myself.  But I think these three things have a very good chance of actually happening, especially since one of them is already underway ;D.  Wish me luck battling the procrastination monster!  He’s nasty.  Almost as nasty as a hydra (my younger sister is making me read the Percy Jackson series.  I’m on Book #2, The Sea of Monsters.  It’s a fun read.  Not as good as Harry Potter or anything, but not bad.  Needless to say, I’ve got monsters on the brain.  They seem to pop up every other page in this series…)

Hopefully yours,

Torrence Nightingale


PS:  What do you think of the new background color?  I thought I’d try changing a little more than the quote and the song this month. 🙂


Whaddaya think?

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