Describe in a paragraph #2: The Sea Monster

Hello all!

Summer is my favorite season, for multiple reasons.  No school, no cold weather, cookouts, stars, fireflies, oh, and July 21st.  What’s July 21st, you ask?  MY BIRTHDAY!!!  😀  But you all already know how crazy I am about birthdays from my post in February.  So I won’t go through that spiel again.

I figured it was time for another Describe in a Paragraph post.  Partially because it’s been over two months since the last one.  Mostly because I feel compelled to post something but don’t have anything ready for publication yet.  Nothing better than a little description to get my creative juices flowing!  🙂

The Sea Monster (as described by himself):

“Ok.  I’m not a sea monster.  Those don’t exist, so if you really believed that the joke is all on you.  I’m a moray eel.  But I’m freakin’ awesome enough that I could pass as a sea monster, amiright?

“Oh.  You can’t see me yet.  Well, I’m green.  A really gross, pale, limeish-greenish-yellowish shade of green, like mucus.  Which, by the way, comes out of humans’ noses.  Gross!  At least it’s just my skin that’s green and slimy.  That stuff comes from inside of you.

“Ahem.  Speaking of noses.  Mine is pretty special.  See, I have these super cool antennae-looking things that stick out from my nostrils, like straws.  They make sniffing out my prey pretty easy.  Also, did I mention that they don’t excrete gross limeish-greenish-yellowish slime?  Well, they don’t.  Moray, 1, humans, 0.

“Now moving on to the crowning jewel— er, jewels— of my face: my eyes.  My beautiful, cerulean eyes (how’s that for a word, huh?  Cerulean— look it up).  They’re big and round and simply fantabulous.  ‘Nuff said.  I also think they bring out the white-ness of my sharp, snaggly teeth.

“I think I’ll stop there, and leave my tail and stuff up to your imagination.  How did I do?  Was that good?  You said to just describe my headshot, right?”







“… Oh, and my name is Phil, by the way. It was nice to meet you.”

Randomly yours,

Torrence Nightingale

PS:  Yes, I know, I know.  It wasn’t technically one paragraph.  But I took a little creative license with the indentation, ok?  It still works.


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