Collaging: because that really is a word. I promise.

Hi everyone!

I had some trouble deciding what to blog about… I considered a Spring Break post but then I remembered that I’m lame and my Spring Break has been incredibly uneventful.  The most exciting thing that’s happened since I left campus last Friday was that I ate donuts and played Beyblades at my best friend’s house.  I’m not discrediting the enjoyment of that experience at all, because I loved it, but I realize that might not necessarily make the most entertaining blog post.  I don’t know though, maybe it would.  If anybody desperately wants me to blog about my best friend, her dad, and his Beyblades, please let me know.  And best friend, if you desperately don’t want me to blog about you, your dad, and his Beyblades… don’t worry.  I’ll leave names out of it.

Anyway.  After many sleepless nights, too many episodes of NCIS (oh, wait, that’s blasphemy, isn’t it?  Too much NCIS???  What am I talking about, that doesn’t exist…)

Best.  Show.  Ever.

Best. Show. Ever.

Sorry.  I’m a little ADD today because the sun finally came out and it’s a really pretty day and I’m on my porch and basically altogether a happy person right now.

Back to what I was saying before: after many sleepless nights and lots of NCIS, I decided I needed a post with lots of pictures, because I like pictures.

Double rainbow!  (All the way....)

Double rainbow! (All the way….)

Sorry again, I just had to use that one somewhere and that was the best place I could put it.

So, in the interest of something picture-y, I figured, “Hey!  Why not talk about my love of collages?”

Collages!  I really enjoy making collages.  Why, you ask?  Well, there are several reasons:

  1. I am a huge fan of the fine arts, including visual art.  I love to look at paintings and sculptures and all these wonderful drawings that people create with their bare hands and ingenuity.  Unfortunately, I have very limited talent in the visual arts area… but I can manage to cut up other people’s photographs and arrange them pretty well.


    It gives me the illusion of being an artist (this is a notebook cover I did for my little sister, by the way)

  2. There’s really nothing quite as soothing as getting a nice magazine, flipping through the pages, and then taking scissors to it and chopping it to pieces.  Amiright?
  3. I love having glue on my fingers.  That’s a weird thing to admit, I guess, but it’s the truth.

    GLUE!!!  This kid knows what I'm talking about.

    GLUE!!! This kid knows what I’m talking about.

  4. My brain just works in a way that makes collage-making easy.  I am always finding similarities in things/people/places.  So, to me, a collage is like a piece of art created by a bunch of random pieces that you wouldn’t think go together, but… they do.  And when you see them together you realize that they really do have a lot in common, and you wonder, “Why didn’t I realize these things went together?”
Made this for one of my friends at school.

Made this for one of my friends at school.

To me, making a collage is fun because I get to show people the similarities I find in things.  Like, “Hey, look, you won’t believe it but these things match!”  Also, there’s a lot of beauty in the world, and if you don’t try to make it all compete with itself, it goes together quite nicely.

The words say: "Happily may I walk.  May it be beautiful  before me.  May it be beautiful  behind me.  May it be beautiful  below me.  May it be beautiful  all around me.  In beauty it is finished."

I made this one over the summer just for kicks.  The words in the middle are a Navajo prayer: “Happily may I walk. May it be beautiful before me. May it be beautiful behind me. May it be beautiful below me. May it be beautiful all around me. In beauty it is finished.”

So if you’re feeling stressed, go cut up a magazine and make a collage.  And if you don’t like pictures as much as me, well, you probably didn’t get very far in this post, but if you did get this far, words make great collages too, just so you know.

Photo on 6-27-12 at 8.27 PM #2

Made this for a friend too. I wish I could remember where I got the quote…

See?  Collages are cool.  I think everyone should have one.

Your collagist,

Torrence Nightingale


2 thoughts on “Collaging: because that really is a word. I promise.

  1. Awesome collages. I especially like the big one with the deer on it. But, I have to say that I love the card you made me more. Your personality really shines through your writing. I enjoy/envy that. Will be sending you a nice long e-mail soon, eventually… XD


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