Bashana Haba’ah

Happy belated New Year everyone!  A beautiful song with lyrics and translation to give you some hope for the new year.  🙂


Bashana haba’ah.

Neishev al hamirpeset

V’nispor tziporim nod’dot

Y’ladim b’chufsha

Y’-sachaku tofeset

Bein habayit I’vein hasadot

Od tir’eh, od tir’eh

Kama tov yihiyeh

Bashana bashana haba’ah

Aniavim adumim

Yav’shilu ad ha’erev

V’yug’shu tson’nim lashulchan

V’ruchot r’dumim

Yis’u el eim haderech

Itonim y’shanim v’anan

Od tir’eh…

Bashana haba’ah

Nifros kapot yadayim

Mul ha’or hanigar halavan

Anafa l’vana

Tfros ka’or k’nafayim

V’hashemesh tizrach b’tochan

Od tir’eh…


Next year

We’ll sit on the porch

And count migrating birds

Children on vacation

Will play tag

Between the house and the fields.

You will yet see, you will yet see

How good it will be

Next year.

Red grapes

Will ripen till the evening

And will be served chilled to the table.

And languid winds

Will carry to the crossroads

Old newspapers and a cloud.

You will yet see…

Next year

We will spread out our hands towards the radiant light.

A white heron

Like a light will spread her wings

And within them the sun will rise.

You will yet see…

I heard this song at a choir concert last year, and I thought it was such a great New Year’s song.  I hope you are able to let go of any fear, grief, sadness, regret, and anger you had in 2012 and can embrace the hope of a new beginning.


Torrence Nightingale


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