“On this day in my old Journal…”

So, what really started me writing was journals.  I love journals.  I’ve kept a journal since I learned how to write.  Not necessarily a very complete journal, or a journal that makes sense, but I’ve always had one.  I still have one (it’s falling apart, the poor thing, but that’s what happens when you use something a lot and it moves to and from college with you all the time).

It occurred to me the other day, while I was pondering over what I could possibly put on this blog, that it might be fun to dig through my old journals and share some of my childhood entries.  Of course, in no way does this mean I am ok with other people just picking up one of my journals and looking through it.  No way!  Journals are private and special, a safe haven where you can throw down all your words that get cluttered in your brain throughout the day: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  However, I think I have several entries, especially from my younger years, that are both entertaining and completely risk-free.

This first entry in my “On this day in my old Journal…” series is from Sadie Kaye.  (I started naming my journals in middle school and still do now).  I started this journal in 2006, and stopped writing in it in 2007.  This was the first journal I had that I actually filled cover to cover, which was a big deal for me.  My previous ones I would usually turn into multi-purpose notebooks halfway through and eventually abandon them with a lot of blank pages left at the end.  I kind of had Journal ADD.

I have tried to recreate this entry as closely as possible, original misspellings and capitalization and punctuation and all, but names have all be changed for obvious reasons.

12-11-06   (TYPICAL MONDAY)

Hey Sadie,

Today was OK, I guess.  The heater at school was broken, and it was the middle of December.  I will let you figure the rest by yourself.

…… Good job!  You’re right, I was freezing!  And the worse part is that it was actually colder in Mrs. Rooklyn’s room (that’s my Homebase, Socialstudies, and English class) than it was outside.  Pretty bad, huh?  The only room that was warm was Mrs. Smith’s (Any ideas why?  I don’t have any.).  Well, I have to go now… But I will try to write to you later.  Bye!

PS: Oh, I almost forgot, tomorrow is my mom’s 38th Birthday!  That means only 12 days till Christmas!

...And then I drew this picture.

…And then I drew this picture.

Probably as this series of “On this day in my old Journal…” continues, you’ll see a lot of pictures pop up.  I am not a gifted artist, but I often doodle or accentuate my journal entries with rough sketches.  Very rough, usually.  But I know what they mean, and in a journal, that’s all that matters, right?

I hope you at least got a laugh out of how scandalized I was about freezing to death in school.  I don’t remember that day, but I do remember Mrs. Rooklynn.  She was one of those English teachers in my life who helped me on my writing journey, and she’ll probably come up again sometime in this blog.

Now go write in/start your own journal!

Torrence Nightingale


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