Growing up, one giant at a time…

Nothing can be scarier to me than publishing my writing.

And that’s saying something; I’m afraid of a lot of things!

Thunder distresses me, elevators make me nervous, running into people around corners makes my heart jump, and don’t even get me started on performing on the spot.  I’m often afraid that I’ll never find someone I can love forever (or worse, someone who can love me) and I’m always afraid of making mistakes and being wrong.

All those fears pale in comparison to my fear of sharing my writing.

I have been writing since I knew my letters: keeping journals, attempting poetry, and starting countless stories.  But I can count on one hand how many of my things have been read by others, and if you don’t include family members, that number shrinks even more.

I think it’s time I faced my fear.  Little by little, of course.  Cold turkey isn’t good for quitting things and it’s not good for starting things either.  But this giant of mine has been pushing me around for years, and it’s about time I stood up to it.  After all, I’m at that point in my life when I need to grow up, and getting over fears is what growing up is all about.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and some wayward someone will read what I write and like it.  Or maybe they’ll laugh at it.  But they would have read it, and for me, that will be a victory simply for having “published” something.

Truthfully yours,

Torrence Nightingale


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